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Something Has Been Eating At Me

Something has been eating at me the last two weeks and I decided to get it out today. People post on their Facebook things like… “if you love Jesus share and like this post”. Or another one I saw the other day…”nobody will pray for me will you share and like my post”? I could go on forever with the things they post to try and get someone to get their post to go virial. Well I want you to know that I love Jesus with all my heart and just because I don’t like or share your post doesn’t mean I don’t. Yes I prayed for the one who said nobody prays for them but I didn’t like and share. I think folks are just seeking attention. If that is the case I feel sorry for you. Did you know that many people put you on ignore when you send these types of post? I don’t because I want to keep in contact with all my Facebook friends and those that read my blog.

I know I have been put on ignore by many of you because you don’t want to hear what I have to say and that is up to you. I would hope that if you want to ignore me you would just scroll on by and not put me on ignore. Tomorrow I might say something you would have wanted to hear.

I know sometimes I can be blunt or strong in what I say. I have found myself reading what others say because I think it makes us better people to hear what other people think.

Just this past week, I ask about your opinions on what to do about my neighbor who had a heart attack. I got about twenty-five comments back. Some on the website, some on Facebook, and some in my e-mail and each one was a great help. If I had put these folks on ignore and didn’t read their advice I wouldn’t have got some really good advice. For those of you who responded I want to thank you for your thoughts they were a great help to me.

If you are lonely and want attention I want to tell you that when you post something to try and guilt people to like or share it you are wasting your time. Sure some will fall for the guilt trip you put them on but many will just put you on ignore.

I am sure some of you will ignore this post and that is fine. Just remember that maybe tomorrow I will post something you might want to see so please don’t ignore me.

Well that is about it for today I do hope you have a great day.

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