Heart Attack

A few days ago my wife and I were getting out of our car and we saw our neighbor getting into his truck to drive over to the gas station across the street.  It was not an uncommon site as we have seen him do it on many occasions.  What made it different was the next day we heard that he had a heart attack and was in the hospital.

Our neighbor’s father use to live in the house next door and he ran the car dealership on the other side of his house.  We knew him well and we were fairly good friends with him.  Then without warning he had a heart attack and died.  Then his son moved into the house and took over the dealership and he wasn’t as friendly with us as his father was.  So my question to you is do I go see him in the hospital or not.  I don’t think we have talked to him but once since he moved in and that time was very brief and he was not nice to us.  He had a tree that was in his yard that fell on our house and he stood in his yard and laughed about it.

Now I don’t wish the guy anything bad but I am not sure how to respond.  Does anyone who reads my blog have any suggestions?  I sure could use your help about now.

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