Camping Season Is Coming Soon

I know that it is only April but we have had a couple of days that the weather was a bit warmer and it made me think about camping. I enjoy camping and now since we only have one dog it is easier. Jasper is a real good camping dog and he doesn’t bark at everyone who walks by so it makes it better for us.

I enjoy having a campfire and sitting around and just relaxing without electronics and enjoying the outdoors. The last several times we went camping the places we went to would not allow us to bring our golf cart. Last month we went ahead and sold our golf cart. I had to keep the batteries charged up even though we were not using it. The grand kids really enjoyed it but when you can’t use it, it is just a waste of money sitting in the trailer. The family that got it has their camper parked at a campground that allows golf carts and they go camping every weekend so they will get some good use out of it. I am glad a good family got the golf cart.

I just want to thank my regular readers. Thanks for coming on line and reading my blog. I also want you to know that I appreciate the comments that come in. I hope you will be back tomorrow.

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