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Memories While At Pleasant View

I spent several years at Pleasant View and I don't regret a minute I spent there. Over the space of eight years I was able to meet some wonderful people. I had the opportunity to marry some couples while I was there and I had the honor of baptizing several couples. Each of these were a blessing to me and I was able to make some lasting friendships.

I also had some funerals while I was there. It was difficult to lose special people over the years. Even those who I didn't have their funeral, they held a special place in my heart. Each of the members and even those who weren't members that came were special. They were special because they were the ones God gave me to lead.

At a later date I may share some of the names of some of those at the church and how they made a mark in my life. Sometimes it is hard mentioning names because if you leave out someone they think you didn't care. Each and everyone of them were special.

I also appreciated some of the former Pastor's who I was able to get to know over the years. We also got to know "The Chosen Ones" and we had them for several concerts over the years.

Jack & Myra were a special blessing to me over the years and they also did a couple of our homecoming concerts. They were just a touch of blessing that I needed as well as the church during that time. God used them to not only bless the church but He used them to bless me too.

We hosted several Alton Associational Meetings at the church during my eight years there. It was a blessing to see our people pull together and host the meetings.

I was honored to serve on the Home Mission Board as Chairman most of my eight years and I served on the Camp Board. I also got to speak at the camp as the Camp Evangelist with Pastor Joe Fletcher. I remember that week, we worked well as a team.

One of the hardest things I did while at Pleasant View was to resign. I had many special friends there and I knew some would be anger with me because they would feel I abandon them. Others were glad because they wanted to close the church. I still loved each of them and it hurt to make that move. God directed the move and I know it was his will.

The church gave me a farewell dinner and it was very nice. I got a mini grand piano that commemorates my time at the church. Each and everyone at the church were special to me.

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