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A Memory With Dr. James W. Delashmit

I have a memory I would like to share about a time I had with Dr. Delashmit.  One Sunday morning I was not in the service upstairs because I was preaching in the Junior Church.  But after I dismissed the kids I heard something happened upstairs so I went up to see.

Dr. Delashmit was sitting on the front pew and folks were coming by and talking with him.  This happened a long time ago so some of my story is a bit fuzzy.  After everyone had left Pastor Stedman (Assistant Pastor) called an ambulance and they took him to the hospital.  After they ran some tests I went to the hospital to see how he was.  He told me the doctor thought he might have had a mild heart attack while he was preaching.  He was in the hospital for a few days and then they released him.

On the day he was being released he called me and ask me to pick up some donuts and milk that he was coming over to my house.  I thought it was strange that he would be able to eat donuts and milk after getting out of the hospital.  I picked up some donuts that I knew he liked and got a gallon of milk and about 10 minutes after I got home Dr. Delashmit and Karen were at my door.  I invited them in and we sat down at the table.

I ask him if he could be eating donuts and milk just after getting out of the hospital with a mild heart attack.  He said they checked him out and he was good to go.

We sat and ate donuts and drank milk and visited for about an hour or so and then he left.  I was encouraged that he came to visit me first after he got out of the hospital.  He had a way of making a person feel special.

Later in his life he quit preaching his sermon From Dope to Hope.  He just preached regular revivals.  After I became a Pastor I invited him to preach a revival at my church in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  I asked him to preach his sermon From Dope to Hope.  He said I don’t preach it anymore.  I ask him could he do it for me and he did.  The local news from Madison, Wisconsin sent up someone to do a feature on Dr. Delashmit and do an interview.  Jamie Allman was the reporter at that time.  They did a real nice feature on him and our church.

When I moved to the Alton area I was surprised that Jamie Allman now had a radio show and TV show in the St. Louis area now.  I talked with him and he remembers the interview with Dr. Delashmit.

That was a really great memory.

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