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My Second Preaching Experience

I want to share a story of my second preaching experience.  I am not sure how it came about but I was asked to preach at the Gary Rescue Mission.  I worked hard on my sermon and preached it on tape and I had it memorized and I felt I was ready to tell those rotten drunken sinners they were on their way to hell if they didn’t repent.

The night came for me to preach and when we got to the rescue mission a older man came up to me.  All he said to me was, “If you go up proud then you will come down humble.  If you humble yourself before the Lord, you will come down proud.”  Well I blew him off as I was ready to tell these drunken sinners a thing or two.

Before I get to what happened I want to share something my Dad told me before I preached that night.  He told me if I forgot what I was saying to just say, “God loves you.”  I didn’t think I was going to need that but as it worked out that was what helped me get through the message.

Well I got up to preach the sermon and I looked out at the crowd.  My mind went blank and I stood there for a minute after I read my scripture.  All I could think was what my Dad had told me so I said, “God loves you.”  I paused but nothing was coming back so I repeated it, “God loves you.”  Then someone in the back yelled, “We know God loves us now get with it.”  At that point I was humbled very quickly and I said to myself, “God I can’t do this without you.”  I preached my message and when I came down I was expecting that older man to remind me what he said but he didn’t.  It was then I knew what he meant when he said it.  Ever since then I remember that if I try to speak in my own power I will blow it but if I allow God to speak through me God will get the glory.

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