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My First Preaching Experience

While we were at Lake Village, Indiana the youth department was planning a youth Sunday where we take over the entire service. It was going to be on a Sunday night and I was chosen to be the one to bring the message.

The young people were going to take up the offering, provide special music, greet people as they come in, lead the song service and so on. I can’t remember but I think we also had someone who was playing the offering and playing for the song service.

The Saturday night before the youth Sunday we were out on a farm and my Dad was working with a horse. The details are a bit fuzzy but my Dad got thrown off the horse and we had to take him to the hospital. It wasn’t anything serious but I think he had a concussion so they kept him over night.

So it was decided that the youth service was going to be in the morning since my Dad wasn’t home yet from the hospital. So instead of preaching at a night service with fewer people I was speaking at the morning service.

It was a real experience that I will never forget. Many years later after we had been gone from the church and I was living in near Lowell, Indiana one of the Deacons ask me to fill the pulpit as they were without a Pastor. So I came back and preached there again almost 10 years later. That was really very different for me.

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