Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

Several months ago a member of my family committed suicide and someone told me that this was the unpardonable sin and they couldn’t get into Heaven. Is this true and what do you think?

Still Grieving

Dear Still Grieving,

The unpardonable sin is when you reject Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Suicide is not the unpardonable sin. Please note that God is the giver or life and the taker of life and we should not end our life by suicide. God forgives all sin except rejecting the price Jesus paid for our sins.

Please note that the only sure way to Heaven is by asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins and accepting the payment he made for you on the cross for your sins. You must believe in your heart and trust only in Him for your forgiveness. If you family member did this then they will be in Heaven.

I am grieving myself as I lost a family member by suicide. Sometimes they do things and hope they will be saved but it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes they can’t be saved physically but if they have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior their soul will be saved forever in Heaven.

Pastor Sam

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