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Kelly and I have had Dish Network for almost 10 years or so. Each year they keep jacking up our rates and this year we just got sick of it. They have so many channels you can’t count them and most of them we never watch. We tried to get a package that would fit our needs and not be out of the ballpark in price. I was shocked that they wouldn’t work with us. So we canceled our service and we are going to just streaming now. So far it is working okay.

The crazy thing is they got mad because we canceled and they decided they wanted their out of date equipment back. They wanted us to take the dish off the house and send all the stuff back and pay the shipping. Kelly told them if they wanted the stuff they would have to come and get it or send us prepaid shipping boxes to ship it back. As far as the dish on the house we told them they would have to send someone to take it down because we were not going to do it. We liked Dish and recommended it to others but after this issue I am not sure if I want to recommend them anymore. My question is why do they want to make customers that they have had so long upset. I think they need to work and get packages that people actually want. Most of the channels they offer most people don’t want. What they do is bundle them up and make it look like you are getting a lot of stuff and charge you through the nose.

Well, DISH I have news for you, you are going to lose you customer base and your out of date equipment is worthless.

We live in a different world now with the internet and smart TV’s and such. They are going to have to get their act together or they will be lost in the shuffle.

Well that is my take on this. I hope you are getting a better deal than what we had.

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