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Is Your Church On Facebook?

Is your church on Facebook? For that matter does your church use any kind of media? I know this might be a touchy subject but I think it is one we need to discuss. Years ago before computers and the many types of media we have today, this question might have never been asked. Today almost every home has some type of media that they use.

Phone books are almost obsolete and so you have to consider other types of media when trying to promote your church. Facebook is a very good thing for a church to have. I also think it is important that the church have a website. Many people think this is an unnecessary expense but I feel it is important in promoting the church. Many churches have a Facebook page because it is free but don’t have a website. The website is probably the first place people check when they are looking for a church.

During my last few years at Pleasant View I would say that almost 95% of our visitors that came visited our website. Many others visited our Facebook page. We also had a Twitter account but at the time I was Pastor I didn’t get a lot of response from Twitter users. Today I think that number would be higher if I was still Pastoring at Pleasant View.

People need to be reached and many do not check the phone book or newspaper. You can still advertise in these but I don’t think you will get as many responses as you would from a Website and Facebook.

Coming up in a later blog post I will be discussing some of the things we used at the churches I was at and explain what worked and didn’t work. I hope you will come back and check out my blog.

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