Have you ever had your feelings hurt? Do you just blow it off or does it stick with you for a while? Why do you think it hurts so much?

From time to time we get our feelings hurt. Sometimes people take advantage of our good nature and when they do it hurts our feelings. To many, our time is not worth much to them and they take advantage of us.

Some have said that the reason our feelings get hurt is because it is those we love, who have hurt our feelings. If someone hurts your feelings that you don’t care about, you just forget about it because you know they don’t care about you.

But when your family and friends hurt you it stings a bit and sometimes we harbor a bit of resentment. We have to be careful about this because it can bring on anger, grief, bitterness, and so on. Over the years I have had those I love hurt me. I was recently hurt by the actions of a family member and I had to work very hard to not build up resentment towards them. (Not immediate family) Pray for me because I have a hard time letting go sometimes and it drives Kelly crazy. She is the one who helps me the most when this happens. We talk and go over what happened and try to find a reasonable reason why it happened. Usually she is the one who helps me overcome my hurt feelings.

I have also learned that sometimes we get our feelings hurt and the people who did it didn't plan to hurt us but they do. How can we hold resentment towards someone who hurt our feelings if they didn’t know it.

Situations differ for each individual but they usually work the same. When we deal with folks we love we ought to be considerate of how they might feel. It might something we say or it might be something we do. I was thinking about this the other day when we were asking Randy to use his woodworking skills to help fix a door at Abby’s house. He might love doing it but is it really fair that we take advantage of his skills by not paying him or doing something for him for his skills?

Well, I vented and now I feel better. How about you did my venting help you any? Well I guess that will be all for today. Come back tomorrow and things will be different. Every day is a new event going on.

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