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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

I have never written a letter to Dear Abby or any other thing like this so I am not sure what I am supposed to say. I have a Bible question that I was wondering about. In John chapter 14 it talks about Heaven and different translations word it differently. Some say,”in my house are many rooms” and some say, “in my house are many mansions”. Which is the exact correct one? Is it rooms or mansions?

I Am From Michigan

Dear From Michigan,

Thanks for writing some have been hesitant to write and I am glad you wrote and asked your question. I will try to answer the best I can but I am sure not everyone will like my answer.

Personally I like the King James Version which says in my house are many mansions. I am looking forward to a mansion as I haven’t had a big house down here. Some feel that His house will be one with many rooms and we will reach have a room. That is to be debated and I am sure others will write and put their two cents in and I would like that.

I don’t think the issue is if it is rooms or mansions because we are going to be thrilled to be in the presence of God and we will be busy interacting with other family members and many of the saints we read about in the Bible as well as Jesus and God Himself.

I hope this has helped if not feel free to write back again. I am not a theologian but that is my take on it.

Pastor Sam

If you would like to write Pastor Sam you can do so by sending an email to and asking your question. Please note do not sign your name. Letters will be published in this blog you will NOT get a personal answer.

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