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While I was Pastoring in Baraboo I went to a Pastor’s School in Hammond, Indiana every March for a week. They had special classes and workshops to help Pastors’ in all types of churches. They had speakers from all over the country come in and challenge the Pastors’.

For many years when I went they lined up at the door on opening day at 4:00am waiting for the doors to open and hoping to get a good seat. (Many years later they changed this policy and they left the doors open so those who came early could just go in. Not sure what they do now I haven’t gone in a long time.)

One year a group of Pastors’ had ask me to go early and save seats. I got there at 4:00am and stood in line I was in the group of the first people to get there. When the doors opened it was like a mad rush and as I was going in down the aisle I got knocked over and fell on the floor. People stepped on me and my glasses fell off and someone stepped on them. Suddenly I looked up and a nice lady stood over me which stopped many of those who were stepping on me. After the rush was over she helped me up and I was taken somewhere I am not sure where it was. They checked to make sure I was okay and a man fixed my glasses temporary so I could use them. Then I went and got some seats. They weren’t the best as I was delayed because of the mass rush for seats.

I never was able to thank that lady for standing over me to keep people from stepping on me but I am very grateful that she did so. After I went to the doctor I found out I had bruised ribs and so they were sore but I would heal without a problem. I got my glasses fix and I was good to go. Needless to say next year I didn’t go early for the mad rush into the church to get seats. I just took whatever was left after they rushed in. My bruised rib were always a reminder in my mind and I didn’t want to go through that again.

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