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Dick (Dicky) Durban Needs To Go

I have lived in Illinois for a long time and Dick (Dicky) Durban has been our Senator for most of that time. I think it is time we elect someone new.

I have contacted him numerous times and each time I get no response or he votes the opposite way I ask him to vote. He doesn’t represent the people… he represents the Democratic Party. I know many democrats and many of them say that he never votes the way they want. I ask them why they keep putting him back in office. The see his name on the ballot and they don’t know the other guy so they vote for him and others vote democrat no matter what. Some would vote for Satan himself if he was on the democrat ticket.

I think it is time the people spoke up and said, “We don’t want Dicky Durban anymore!” Let’s vote this guy out. Lately he has been saying very stupid things and doesn’t really make sense. Dicky Durban and Nancy Pelosi have been saying things that are just plain stupid. If I lived in California I would put Nancy Pelosi out to pasture. Sometime she just doesn’t make sense. I think she is getting senile. Why do we vote for the most familiar person on the ticket? We need to start researching these people who run for office and vote for someone with guts to do the right thing not just vote on party lines and quote their parties talking points. If they didn’t have their parties’ talking points they wouldn’t have anything to say.

If you live in Illinois you need to commit to not voting for Durbin again. He talks like an idiot, acts like an idiot, and so he must be an idiot.

If you don’t live in Illinois I ask you to really check out your Senators and if they aren’t voting the way you expect them to then give them their walking papers.

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