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My Dad & Me (Graduation 2006 - Web Design Degree)

The picture is a picture of my Dad and me at my graduation in 2006. I had just finished my degree in Web Design and they came up for my graduation. I had been working on this degree for a back up to help me supplement my income as a Pastor. As it worked out I started the business “Lighthouse Web Design” which is still operating but on a limited amount. For about six years I had several church account I developed, designed, and maintained websites for but when Facebook came around many of them choose to forget the website and just use Facebook. So now my business is only a consulting business now.

I think this picture came out really good. Kelly took the picture and she has always been good at getting good pictures. I took a photography class at Lewis & Clark Community College and I should be better than her but she always seems to take better pictures. We both dabble in black and white photography and we use to have a dark room but our birds have moved in and taken over and so we don’t do much with it anymore.

If we didn’t have the birds I would love to get back into this hobby. I thought she like it as much as I did but as you know you get so busy that sometimes other things can’t be fit into the schedule.

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate the comments and hope you will keep sending them. I also appreciate all of the new visitors. I hope you will keep coming back.

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