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This is a picture of my mother. I don’t have very many as she died in a car accident when I was seven. I like this picture but I am looking for another picture of her where she is standing in front of a big rock that has a hole through it. That is the best I can explain it. Does anyone have a picture like that you can share with me? I have been looking for it for a very long time but have not found it. I know it exists because I saw it somewhere before I went to Baraboo as Pastor.

I will thank you in advance if you can help me find this picture. Please send a copy of this blog to any family or friends who might know about this picture. This is a black and white picture and was taken I think before she married my Dad but I am not sure.

I like this picture but I would love even more to have one of the other pictures. Please do what you can to help me find it. I think it was taken on the same day as this picture as I think she has on the same clothes.

Will be waiting to hear something.

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