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Kelly & I got Digital Life Security system and they came and installed it.  Right off the bat we had issues and we complained because the app didn’t work properly and the camera was not working like they promised.  Almost every time when we needed the service to work that was the day it wasn’t working.

Examples:  The weather changed quickly and we didn’t have the heat on so I tried to turn the heat on with the app.  Guess what?  It wouldn’t work so I had to go home and turn the heat on manually.  Then we were camping and we needed to let someone in our house so they could get our car keys and drive our car up to the campground.  Again the app didn’t work so we had to give them our code and we had to change it when we got home.  These are just two examples.

We lived with all the problems and we called off and on.  They told us if we called anymore if they sent out a service man they would charge us extra.  They blamed our internet connection, our router, and our phone for the problem.  We had AT&T phones and Charter internet service.

Finally we decided that we werent going to pay for a service we couldn’t use.  When we didn’t pay they shut off our Digital Life service.  That was fine with us as we couldn’t use it anyway.  When we tried to upgrade our phones they wouldn’t let us because we didn’t pay the bill.  Finally they shut off our phone service which was a separate account from the Digital Life.   They wouldn’t turn our phone on until we paid the bill and a early termination fee.  If you want my take on it I think that is illegal.

What is your take on this?  We now have Vivint and the app works and the service is 100+ better.  We have had a few problems but they fixed them within an hour or so of the problem.  We are very happy with this service.

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