Jumping Into A Pool Of Snakes

I am going to dive into the deep water on the deep end and dive into a snake pit with this next post.

I know our country is a country that has many immigrants.  I am not against immigrants but I am against illegal immigrants.  I am against illegal immigrants getting free insurance, housing, food stamps and so on.  We have Vets who have served our country that are treated worse that illegal immigrants.  I stress the ILLEGAL part.  This may sound strong but they need to be kicked out right away.  I have seen in the area we live in the crime rate skyrocket and more than 75% is illegal immigrants.  They protest our laws and refuse to obey them, they attack our police, they steal from our homes, and on and on.  Then our government gives them free housing, insurance, food, and so on.  They commit crimes because they don’t have anything to do as they don’t work or do all the things a US Citizen does so they kill, steal, rob, and so on.

Some of you might get mad at me and if you disagree then lets hear your side of it.  Why should we let them in when they are here illegally and committing crimes?  Do they deserve all the free stuff they get just because they are lazy?  I know people who are scratching to make ends meet who are worse off than illegal immigrants.  Is that right?  Is it right ot give illegal immigrants all this stuff when our Vets who fought for our country get nothing?

Don’t get mad at me if you aren’t willing to speak up and defend your position.

Well, I hope the snake bites don’t hurt too bad.  

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