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When was the last time you tried something new?

When was the last time you tried something new? For me I grew a beard while Kelly was in Florida for a mini vacation with the Abby and the girls. I tried it because I knew she wouldn’t like it if I did it while she was here. As it turns out I didn’t like it either. I had a beard for a while when I was younger.

I have tried new foods from time to time like shrimp but I still don’t like it. I tried eating avocado on my chicken sandwich but I didn’t like it either.

I eat almost anything but I have found that the foods I didn’t like before I still don’t like them. Another one I don’t like is boiled orka.

As I was thinking about new things I was thinking about things we do. Usually we get into a groove and when someone suggests something new we are quick to shoot it down. Why is that? Sometimes fresh and new ideas are just what we need. In my over 33 years of service as a Pastor I have found that most church members are not willing to try new things. They are stuck on the old way of doing things and they aren’t willing to change.

When I was at my first church in Baraboo I typed all of my sermons on a typewriter. I had a Pastor friend drop in on me once and I happened to be in my office typing my sermon. (I typed them because I sometimes have a hard time reading my writing and I don’t want to have that issue while I am preaching.) This preacher friend said that I ought to get a computer because I could print and save my sermons on a computer. Well, back then I decided to try something new. Not only can I read what is on my outline sermon but I can save them too. I have over 1000+ sermon outlines that I have saved over the years of preaching these last 33 years. Because I tried something new I am able to print them and save them.

There are other things that I have tried and found out that the new way works better and so I am doing that too. Why is it we are so afraid to try new things? Are you afraid you will find a better way of doing things? I don’t think so, I think we are afraid of change. We are caught in the rut and we want to stay there.

Put that in you pipe and smoke it and see what you think.

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