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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

For many years of our marriage I have paid the bills and managed the finances for our home. Lately my husband has gotten on some kick about being macho and now he wants to take over paying the bills. He works and I am a stay at home mom so I have more time to deal with the finances and I feel if he takes over we will have less time together. What is your opinion?

Trying To Do Right In Oregon

Dear Trying,

I don’t want to get in the middle of your family problems but I do feel you must work this out together. Explain to him your side and make sure that there isn’t any other reasons for him to make this change. When I was in Wisconsin I had more time to handle the finances and I did. When I came to the Alton area I did not have as much time and it was taking away from the family so my wife Kelly and I decided that she would take care of the finances. She really does a better job and it freed me up in many ways. You should make sure you are not cutting him out of the decision making on the finances as it might be his reason for wanting to make a change. Kelly always keeps me in the loop and we both make financial decision together so it makes things run smoother.

Pastor Sam

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