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My Encounter With Evangelist Billy Graham

I don’t remember all the details as to where I was but I remember him shaking my hand. I was a teenager not sure of my exact age but we were at a bowling alley and there was some type of banquet going on in the other room.

I was going to get a bowling ball and he came walking by with several other people. I stopped to allow them to walk by and he stopped and said hello to me and shook my hand. At that very moment I didn’t know who he was until a man standing by me said, “Do you know who that was? That was the great Evangelist Billy Graham.” It wasn’t until I got to be a bit older that I realized who he was.

Later I found out that they were having some type of meeting in the banquet hall that he was attending with his crusade to promote a meeting in the Chicago area. Sometimes we meet great people and we don’t really know what kind of impact they will have on the world. Dr. Billy Graham passed away yesterday and in his life time he preached to millions of people. Many people came to Christ because of his crusades and he had a great impact on many people.

Yet as he was walking through that bowling alley he thought it important enough to pause a moment and say hello to a young teenage boy and allow him to shake hands with greatness.

When I heard yesterday that he died after 99 years of living in this world; I thought to myself that God’s hand of blessing was upon him and he lived a full and fruitful life. I have had the opportunity to meet some other big name preachers which I will share in another post at another time. I don’t want any of the others I have met to overshadow this great man of God.

Thanks for allowing me to share and I hope you will come back again for my next post.

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