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Amazing Grace

I was listening to Amazing Grace by Alan Jackson and it got me thinking about how amazing it is that God saved me.  Sure I was raised in a Christian home by some very wonderful people.  I remember as a young child my Mother correcting me with the rod of correction. (Before you get all worked up and say abuse it wasn’t actually a rod but it did the job.  She disciplined me with love but she was stern.)

The problem wasn’t that I was raised in a Christian home but what happened as I was very young.  It was just a few months before I was eight my Mother was killed in a car accident.  This is where the amazing grace comes in.  I was deeply scarred by this accident.  Not physical scars but mental scars.  If it wasn’t for the amazing grace of God I would have turned out worse.

My Mother had some very wonderful parents who I loved very much.  They loved us thru this trial and even though they hurt they never let me know about the deep hurt that they felt.  My grandfather wrote me faithfully up until his death.  I also had my uncle (my mother’s brother) and his wife who were there for us through the trial.  Uncle Glenn and Aunt Joann loved us and help us as the years passed.  (My Uncle recently died and went to join my Mother in heaven.)

My Dad and my step-mother (who I call Mom) also had a part in my life.  I was a rough kid and I needed to be guided.  I learned from my dad to abstain from cigarettes and alcohol.  I learned this at a very young age and so I never drank or smoked.  My Mom taught me that the decisions I make as a young person will make me what I will become as a man.  I try to keep that in mind as I live my life.  

It is the amazing grace of God that because of these folks and many others that I turned out the way I did.  My Dad’s mother also had a big impact on my life.  God’s amazing grace was what brought me through it all.   I know the books of the Bible by heart because of her.  God used family to help heal the scars that came from that accident so many years ago.

Don’t take your family for granted as they need you there during these tough times.  God’s grace is amazing but he uses you and me to bring out the amazing.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit.  It helps to think about how God’s amazing grace worked in my life.

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