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A Walk Down Memory Lane

I just visited a Facebook account of a church I use to attend in my younger years and just before I took my first church in Baraboo, Wisconsin. They had the services posted on Facebook so I got to see several of the folks I knew there when I attended. It made me feel really old when I saw folks who were my age and many of them showed their age.

After thinking about it I know why. Some of you are going to ding me for this but the ministry takes something out of you. When you serve in the ministry it gives you grey hair and sometimes causes your hair to fall out or no longer grow. It is always great to know they are still preaching the wonderful Word of God. They are still praying for the healing of the sick, the salvation of sinners and the strengthening of the saints.

Many of the faces have changed as that happens over time. Even while I was at Baraboo we had folks move and new ones come and things change. We lost some good folks who moved to other states and we had some good folks come.

That church I was viewing had many preacher boys go out of it over the years. Dr. Delashmit saw many of those he worked with called to the ministry. I was one of many who entered the ministry because of him. He could see potential and he had a way of bringing out the best in those he worked with.

As you know Dr. Delashmit died several years ago and the Pastor who now stands in that pulpit is also one of his first preacher boys. I served alongside of him for almost four years. He was younger than I was but still I won’t hold that against him.

It is exciting to see how the church has advanced and is still in the same location as when I was there. In one of the services I watched I heard they were going to have one of the previous Pastor’s back who was there before Dr. Delashmit came as Pastor. He was in evangelism the last time I heard.

Well, thank for letting me walk down memory lane in this post.

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