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Do you have a hero in your life? Someone you feel has done something extra special in your life. As far as I am concerned I do not see everyone that claims to be heroes as heroes.

The people who are heroes to me are those who are serving the Lord in His service. I personally know what many of the Pastor’s and lay preachers go through each day. Some feel that they just get up every Sunday and try putting a guilt trip on you. The real thing is they are fighting for your life and mine. Why you are out doing who knows what they are begging God in your behalf to spare you. They care so much they pray for you and they are intervening in your behalf.

I can’t tell you how much time I have spent in prayer for the members of my church. There are some of them that do not like me but I still prayed for them. I did not play favorites when I prayed. I asked God for wisdom in dealing with problems that came up and dealing with many of those who didn’t like me.

I want to tell you something that you may not know. Many of those who began to dislike me they liked me when I first came to the church. What changed them attitude towards me? Well, when I began to take the leadership position I was called to do they didn’t like the direction I was going so they began apposing me at every turn. This caused me to pray for them even more. Do you think this is what I wanted to do? No, I didn’t want people to not like me. But as a servant of God my loyalty is to God and His will and sometimes that makes people act badly.

Remember that real heroes want to please God first and they will become disliked by some because they take this stand. To me they are heroes because they are willing to take the hate and deceit that comes their way for taking a stand for what is right.

I don’t know who your heroes are but make sure they are true heroes who stand for what is right even if it costs them trials and tribulation.

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