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I Had A Terrible Experience The Other Day

I had this terrible experience that happened at Wal-Mart yesterday.  I was picking up a few things from the grocery store and I got behind this real nice lady and she talked to me while we were putting our supplies on the counter.   After she got all her groceries in her cart she waved at me as she left.  After the cashier rang me up she gave me my bill and it was about $35.00 over what I thought and I asked her about it and she said the lady I was talking to in line told her I was paying for her stuff.  I quickly paid for the stuff and ran out to the parking lot to find her.

There she was loading the groceries into her car.  I went over to her and asked her what she thought she was doing by telling the cashier I was paying her bill.  She said it wasn't that much and she didn't have the money and she thought I was a nice guy and would pay for her stuff.  I told her that isn't the way it works.  I explained she could have asked me if I could help her out but the way she went about it was not the way to go about doing this.

She got in her car and started to drive away and I went and knocked on her window and she rolled it down.  (See tomorrow for the conclusion of the story.) 

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