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Tales From Our Arizona Trip -2006

Kelly and I drove to Kansas City on Tuesday, April 11th. We arrived there about 10pm. We stayed at a Best Western and got up early and drove to Pueblo, CO on Wednesday April 12th. We stopped about 8:00pm and stayed in A Comfort Inn. It was a very nice place and also very reasonable price. We got up the next morning at 8:00am on April 13th and continued our journey. We made a side trip in New Mexico over the mountains but finally arrived at Uncle Glenn & Aunt JoAnn's house at 7:30pm our time. We just arrived and Uncle Glenn was letting us in when Aunt JoAnn got home from Jury Duty. It was at this time that we found out they were two hours behind us. Aunt JoAnn made me change my watch to their time which was 5:30pm.

Uncle Glenn made a dinner to die for and we ate until our hearts were content. After dinner we sat around and visited. Kelly & I sat up and talked with Aunt JoAnn until late.

The next day, Friday April 14th, I took my car to the Chevy dealer as we were having problems with our brakes. They made the necessary repairs and I got the car back the same day. We then took a drive to Springerville which was a nice ride.

On Saturday, April 15th, we went to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. We ate breakfast at a quaint family restaurant before we left. This was great we took a great deal of pictures and enjoyed the trip. That evening Uncle Glenn made a roast and Aunt JoAnn help with all the fixings and we enjoyed a super meal.

On Easter Sunday, April 16th, we went to church with Uncle Glenn & Aunt JoAnn. This was an excited and enjoyable service. The singing was great and the preaching was super.

After Church we ate a quick bite and loaded the car and head out for the Grand Canyon. We drove to the other side of Flagstaff and had supper at the Cracker Barrel and then drove on to Williams where we stopped at a Quality Inn and spent the night.

We got up at 5:00am and left at 6:00am on Monday, April 17th, to go to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at a Best Western for breakfast and spent the day at the Canyon. What a day!! We got loads of pictures and had a most enjoyable day. We ate lunch at the Canyon and then headed home. It was a rough trip home. Aunt JoAnn drove the first part and she fought the wind all the way to Flagstaff. Then Uncle Glenn drove home from there. The wind was at our backs so it wasn't as bad.

When we got home Uncle Glenn & Aunt JoAnn fixed leftover but it still was a super meal! Uncle Glenn was tired and after visiting with me for a while went to bed. He had an eye appointment in the morning at 8am.

April 18th, we found out that this residency that Kelly was going to was not required for her degree and they offered to credit her account so she decided to not attend. And so we decided that we would rather go do some sightseeing so she decided to have them credit her account. (If she went ahead and attended it wouldn't have been for naught but it wasn't required for her degree.)

We went south to Tombstone and spent the day. What an experience that was. We also went over into Mexico south of Douglas, AZ.

The next day we headed toward Dad's house. We drove through New Mexico and up through Texas. We stayed in Midland, Texas before continuing our trip to Dad's. We went to Denny's for dinner that night and we stayed in a Sleep Inn in Midland, Texas. The food was terrible but the room was exceptionally nice. Kelly & I enjoyed this room most of all the hotels/motels we stayed at. (Of course nothing matched our accommodations at the Ketners’.)

The next day we left and drove across Texas and we stopped only for gas and to eat. We stopped at a Applebee’s, just before we went through Fort Worth, Texas. We arrived at Dad's late on Friday and spent the evening with them visiting.

The next day they took us to a Pizza joint that was an all you can eat joint. Then Kelly was looking for a wireless internet connection so we could send her class work. We finally went to a Kinko’s which cost us a small fortune. That will be the last time we go there. We should have gone to a restaurant that had wireless.

Sunday we went to Church and Dad had asked me to preach. He was at County Line Baptist Church which he says is in Diana, Texas but they really don't have an actual address. We enjoyed the service and then went for dinner after Church. Then we went back to the house and visited for a while before we headed home.

We drove from there up to Harrison, AR where we stayed in a Comfort Inn. We enjoyed our stay there and we got up early and left and drove to Mansfield, MO where we visited the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. We visited the two homes they lived in there and this was where she lived when she wrote the "Little House" series.

After our visit there we drove straight home. We got home at about 8:30pm. It hadn't rained all the time we were gone but when we hit St. Louis, MO it began to rain. We also hadn't seen any bad accidents. Just as we drove into town we saw a car stop and three cars behind him ran into him. We were driving at a speed that we couldn't stop and the road was very wet.

We praise God for the safety on the road. We also were glad we were able to see everyone we saw on this trip

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