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Do you have any hobbies? I was wondering what types of hobbies we have out there. Those of you who read my blog what types of hobbies do you have? Do we have any artist? What about coin collectors? What about crafters? I am sure we don’t have any car collectors but I had to ask. Does anyone collect stamps? What about bugs? Does anyone collect bugs? Maybe you knit or use yarn in some special way. Please share with me what you do for a hobby. What about woodworking does any make carfts with wood?

I am interested in your hobbies so if you will share with me I would be thankful. But I am not going to do like a lot of these people on the internet who say if you don’t share you will have five years of bad luck or your ears will fall off. If you care to share I would like to hear. If you have some real weird hobby that would be super cool. (Let’s keep it clean!)

I will wait to hear from you.

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