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Ain't That The Truth

Before I get a bunch of feedback about the word I used I will apologize now for the bad English.  I just wanted to get your attention.

I was hoping to get some feedback about the issues I post on my blog.  I was wondering if I say something you disagree with do you stop coming and not read my blog anymore or do you just click out and not read what I write.  Then do you come back or are you gone for good?  I know speak my mind and not everyone agrees with me.

I have some friends on Facebook that have some very rough opinions.  What I do is I hear them out.  I may not agree with them but I let them have their say.  I listen with an open mind and I try to not to form an opinion until they finish.

Sometimes I will respond to them after I think through what they have said.  I have a couple of them that wrote me back privately and said they don’t care what I think to keep my thoughts off of their page.  So I honor that wish and I don’t post my thoughts on their page I just read what they say and keep to myself. 

On other occasions I have voiced my opinion and they thanked me for my thoughts but we agreed to disagree.  I haven’t shut them out or not read their posts.  They have a right to their own opinion just as I do.

I have many issues I would like to discuss on my blog but I hesitate because I don’t want to chase off those who are reading now.  If I run all of you off then I won’t have any readers.

I got some statics the other day and they say my readership is slightly up.  Thank you for that.

Last week I posted about starting a “Dear Pastor Sam” column and I got some good response.  I have gotten enough letters to post one each Saturday for the next two months but I need more to keep it going.  I didn’t know I had readers in Washington state and some of the Northern states until I opened this up.  I also found out that I have several Christian folks who are reading my blog on a regular basis.  I want to thank you for reading it.

If you can I wish you would share it with your friends and maybe they would like it.  Maybe not but all you can do is try.

Well, until next time!!!

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