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The Bible The Inspired Word Of God

Over the years we have seen many attack the Word of God but it still stands true. I have seen the power the Bible can have on lives. I am going to share a story with you. Some of you will not believe it but it happen and you can believe it or not.

I was watching TV and it happened to be a movie type that I usually don't watch. It was about a church and it seemed like their was a devil in the church as strange things were happening there and the Pastor hung himself over the pulpit. At this point in the movie my daughter Faith began screaming very loud. She was very young and still in the crib I forget how old she was but I am going to say she was about seven months old.

I went into her room and I couldn't stop her from crying and finally I took my Bible and opened it and laid it on her chest. She calmed down and quit crying. I went back to my movie and she began screaming again so I turned the TV off and went back into her room. The Bible was on the floor on the opposite side of the room. I picked it up and put it back on her chest and began praying. Soon she was quit again. I stayed in the room for awhile and watched her sleep.

I never when back to watch the rest of that movie I felt God was telling me it was of the devil and so I did not turn it back on. I will never forget this incident as it scared me to death.

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