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My Recent Visit To My Nurse Practitioner

I have been putting it off going to the doctor as I fear needles and was not looking to the blood test. After Kelly started her new job at the new OSF Clinic in Godfrey I decided I was going to take the plunge.

Kelly set up my appointment as I don’t like going through their call center. I had my appointment and I was really pleased with the Nurse Practitioner I was put with. I also had my blood drawn and I have to say the tech who draws blood made me feel real at ease and I didn’t have a meltdown like I usually have every I have my blood drawn. The clinic is the best one in our area and I think they are top of the line as far as I am concerned. If you don’t have a doctor or practitioner I would highly suggest you check this clinic out. I would give them five stars on a five star rating.

They are taking new patients and they also have a PromptCare clinic in the same building if you don’t have a doctor or nurse practitioner and need immediate attention. They have quick efficient help when you need it most. I think if you go there you will want to go back as they have a great staff and wonderful facility and a excellent location right next to the Wal-Mart in Godfrey, Illinois. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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