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The Blizzard of 67

Many of you might not remember this blizzard but I remember it very well. We went out in the street and were walking on cars unaware because they were buried under the snow. I remember that my brothers and I went out and had a ball in the snow. People were digging out their cars that were completely buried and we helped push a few people out. Most people were smart and just didn't get out in the weather. Really there wasn't much moving during this blizzard.

If I had been a bit older I might have gotten a shovel and try to make some money shoveling snow. As I remember not many were out in it but those who did got stuck. It was a real mess and I remember that the mayor got lots of bad press for not being able to handle the emergency well enough.

Cars were completely covered in snow and sometimes you didn't know you were walking on top of cars. I know that sounds crazy but if you were there you would know what I mean. Just google some of the pictures and you can see what I mean. It happened on this day, January 26, 1967. This was a day that lives in the heart of those who enjoyed having a real snow day off from school.

If you remember this day in Chicago, Illinois please write me and let me know what you experienced. I would love to hear your stories.

Thanks for checking out my blog on this Sunday night!!

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