My Key By Hazel Boggs of Vevey, Indiana

There is a sweet communion between my Lord and me. He solves my every problem because he holds the key. I do not fear the future for I am safe with him. He helps to bear my burdens and forgives my every sin.

I have heartaches by the dozens and burdens by galore And sometimes I cry out, "Dear Lord, Could I stand any more?" He put his arm around me and whispered tenderly: "Every burden that you bear brings you closer to me."

I could not live without him my life would be despair. I know he's right beside me and knows my every care. I tell him all my heartaches, my thoughts, my cares, my woes. His Holy Spirit dwells inside to guide me where I go.

Dear friends, don't think I'm perfect. I'm human, don't you see? It's just because I let my Lord become a part of me. I do not fear the future; I'm as happy as can be Because I trust in Jesus and Jesus holds the key.

Our life is like a prison and we are chained within With all the vices of the world and every kind of sin. Commit your life to Jesus it's the only way, you see And Jesus will unlock the door and he will set you free.

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