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A Story I Wrote To Teach A Lesson

There was a young boy who was eager to win the heart of a young girl.  He thought that maybe if he did something great it might win her heart so he went out looking for something he might do. 

As he was walking down the street he sees a young child crying.  He stopped and asks her what the problem was.  She said her cat was caught up in the tree.  He told her that he would save her cat.

He began to climb the tree and when he got to the place where the cat was he reached out to get the cat but at that moment the branch broke and he fell to the ground.  The child’s mother calls 911 and the ambulance and paramedics arrive and he finds himself on the way to the hospital with a broken leg.

The doctor put a cast on his leg and instructed him to stay out of trees and high places where he might fall again.

A few days later he saw the young girl he was trying to impress.  She asks him what happened and he told her about how he tried to save the cat from the tree.  The girl asked him why did he climb up that big tree and try to do something that was really beyond his expertise.  He told her how he wanted to do something great that would impress her.

She asked him why he wanted to impress her and he told her that he liked her and thought if he did something big it would make her like him better.

She told him why didn’t just tell me you liked me because I like you too.

Moral of the story:  Sometimes trying to impress someone to make them like us isn’t the way to go.  Just tell them how you feel.

Story by:  Rev. Sam

This story was written to teach a lesson to young people.

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