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As we start this new year I am sure many of you are going to make resolutions that you have probably already given up on.  What you ought to do is make a resolution and then make it happen.  Choose something with the expectations of reaching the goal.  Don't just choose some random resolution that you know you will never keep.

Even though it is 9 days past the new year you can still make a resolution.  Make a realistic goal and determine to reach it.  Maybe you have to start small and work your way up.  I know many set goals like I am going to lose 150 pounds and then when you fall of the wagon so to speak and you give up.  Why not say I am going to lose 10 pounds and work toward that goal and if you reach it set a new goal.  Maybe you are going to have something that has nothing to do with losing weight.  Maybe you are going to cut back on candy or soda.  What ever it is do it in moderation so you can reach your goal.  So many times I see people make resolution to cut out sweets all together and the first time they fall off the wagon they go nuts and they never get back where they should be.  Don't set unrealistic goals!

I will be waiting to hear about your goals and how you have reached them.  Let me know how it is going.

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