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Check This Out - Dear Pastor Sam

Recently someone wrote me and ask if I ever thought of doing a Ask the Pastor column like Ann Landers on my blog. I thought about it and i am thinking about doing it once a month. Here is what I am asking. I will take your letters via email only and let’s try to keep them light. Let’s not start off with marital problems off the bat. I also am not interested in refereeing a theology debate between preachers and laymen. Let’s keep it light for a while then we can move into more if it works out.

The letters will be posted on the blog but don’t sign you name use one like they do on Ann Landers. ‘’ The broken-hearted Father’’ or “Sad in Florida”. I think you know what I mean. The email you can use is I will not except any letters any other way.

So I will be doing it once a month to see how it goes and then maybe more depending how many letters I get. This is for the readers of my blog.

Thanks for you input on this. I also got a comment on my email about pet peeves and they shared one that I do that they don’t like. I do appreciate your input even if it is negative so let it rip.

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