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A Sad Experience I Had In My Ministry

One of the saddest days in my ministry happened the same year I resigned. I want to tell you about it as it tore my heart out. I will not be naming any names as many of those involved are special people to me and I do not want to hurt them I just feel if I share this story it will help me and it is a good lesson for others to learn.

We had someone die in our church and that is always a sad day. Because of the weather the front steps of the church were a sheet of ice and not useable. Trying to get ahead of the situation I went and bought a tool to break up the ice. I paid for it with my own money. I spend a total of almost 14 hour in two days removing the ice.

After I finished getting the ice removed I let the family know that I had gotten it all cleared off as they were planning on having the funeral at the church.

Shortly after I talked to the family someone called me from the funeral home and informed me that they had someone else doing the funeral and that my services were not needed. It came to me as a total shock as I had been preparing for the funeral message as soon as I heard about the home going of this special member.

I was not included in anything with the funeral and the funeral director made it clear to me that I was to remain quiet about it and not say anything to those attending.

After all the work I had done to expedite the funeral at the church and the church put on a dinner fit for a king, they gave all the memorials to another organization.

My heart was broken after this situation and my spirit was broken. I have made peace with God and forgiven them even though they have never asked. I have not and will not confront them about it but it was the saddest day of my ministry at Pleasant View. The second saddest day was when they voted to close the church doors.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. Please do not ask me who it was or any details about it as this is the last I will speak about this.

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