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Disaster Strikes While On Vacation

Several years ago when I was on vacation from Pleasant View and I went to Wisconsin with Kelly to spend some time with my son, Paul.

While I was there we had a fire in the parsonage next to the church. I was called and I needed someone to step up so I didn’t have to come home and take care of this problem.

First off at the time this happened we didn’t have any emergency funds that were quickly available and we had to move fast to restore power and fix the problem.

We had two people step up and stand in the gap. Kathy McVey and Dave Barker were the two who stood in the gap. Dave handled the problem of getting the repairs made. He gave his time and the electrician gave us a discount on the repairs. Dave made sure everything was fixed right and got the inspector there and got things back the way they were.

Kathy fronted us the funds and said we could pay her back when we could get the money out of our CD’s. This was a life saver as we didn’t have the funds available at the time of the incident. I thank God for these two people who stood in the gap when I needed them.

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