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Don't Miss The Blessing

About a month ago I told you in a post to do something nice for someone and you would be blessed for it.  I suggested you pay for the bill for someone behind you at McDonald’s and I mentioned several other ideas.

Well guess what happened to me the other day.  I was in line and when I got to the window they said someone (probably) the person in front of me paid my bill.  Wow what a blessing!  Maybe it was you I don’t know but I know when I have extra cash and can do that it brings a great joy to my heart.

Sometimes we don’t know what someone is going through and when we do something like that it gives them that extra blessing they needed.  That day we were in a hurry to pick up the grandkids and were running late.  The extra time we saved by not having to pay and wait helped us make it on time.

God wants to bless people and he uses us to bless others.  If we don’t answer His call when He sends us someone misses the blessing He wanted to give them because you dropped the ball.  Be ready when the Lord through the Holy Spirit sends out the message to you to be a blessing for Him.

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