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Special Memory

I would like to share a memory with you as we begin this New Year.  I was the new Pastor at the Baptist church in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  The church wasn’t able to pay me much but they did all they could to help me.  In the early days of January it gets very cold in Wisconsin.  We had a senior who was a member of our church and I happened to be out and drove by her place and noticed her walks and driveway had not been shoveled.  I stopped in to see if she was okay and she was but the boy who normal shoveled her walks and driveway was sick.  I offered to shovel it for her but she refused me and said it would wait because she wasn’t going to have her Pastor shoveling her walk.

I went home and got my shovel and came back and cleared her walks and driveway.  I didn’t stop in to tell her because I knew she would argue with me.

The next day the Pierce’s Grocery store came to my house with a delivery of food.  I told them that I didn’t order anything but they said they were asked to delivery it by someone who didn’t want their name mentioned.  I tried to get it out of him but he wouldn’t say a word.  I knew who had sent it but I just wanted to confirm it.

I called her and thanked her and she said what for.  I told her about the food and she said she didn’t call the store and have it sent.  A few years after she pasted away someone told me what really happened.

She called a third party and gave them the money and had them arrange it.  She didn’t call the store and have the food sent but she had someone do it for her so she could honestly say that she didn’t call the store and have it sent.

The person who told me said she saw me laboring in her driveway and told them that I was taking my duties beyond and so she was going to do something for me beyond what she should do.

This generous gift meant the world to me and I will never forget it.  Your Pastor whoever he might be needs you to do this once in a while.  It will put some spunk back into his step.  Try it and see what happens.  I know the blessing will outweigh the  cost.

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