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Rev. Denver H. Eaker

Last night a Pastor friend of mine went home to be with his Lord and Savior. He served with dignity and honor. I don’t know a lot about him except the encounters I had with him and they were always good. His name was Rev. Denver Eaker.

The first time I met Pastor Denver was at a Pastor’s luncheon at the Old Country Buffet. I had recently become the Pastor at Pleasant View and was invited to the lunch by another Pastor. He introduced himself and we began talking and I found out that he had been the Pastor at Pleasant View several years before me. We had a great visit and we hit it off.

The next time I was to encounter him was via telephone. Someone who was a member of my church had passed away and in her will was that she wanted Pastor Denver to conduct her funeral. He was calling me to share the news and told me he wanted my okay to meet her wishes. I told him that was fine. He said he would like me to have a part in the service and I was honored that he asked me. The respect he showed me at this funeral let me see his character. I was overwhelmed by his honestly and honor. After this we had many future encounters and each of them were just a continued picture of his character.

Not once in the time I knew him did he ever say anything bad about any of the members of Pleasant View and he always spoke honorable about the church. Only one member said something negative to me about him and when I told him about it, he just said, “Let just hold him up in prayer he is having a tough time.”

I know many of the Pastors have a high respect for him and he will be missed by many. I know I will miss him and I am keeping his family in my prayers.

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