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What Is Your Favorite Praise Song?

I guess you can guess what mine is by the picture.  "Lord I Need You"  There are a lot of songs out there and I am sure you have a favorite.  Today is Dianne Howard's funeral and more than anything I need the Lord so this song will help me today.  I hope that you realize that we need the Lord and only He can help us in these difficult times.

You can leave a message at the bottom of the Facebook post or leave a message on the webpage.  (Note:  Messages on webpage are not published they are only for me to read.)  If you know my email you can email me.  I would just like to know what your favorite song is.

When I was at Pleasant View we sang many of these praise hymns or songs which ever you prefer to call them.  I always had people asking for the one that was their favorite.  We tried to mix them up so we sang a different one each week.  When we first start doing them we sang the same one all month to help the folks to get to know the song but after we did several then we started doing a different one each week.

One that was ask for a lot was Amazing Grace My Chains Are Broken.  I liked that one also and really I liked them all so that makes it hard to choose a favorite.

I hope you will let me know but no problem if you don't want to share.  I will understand.

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