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My Denny's Story

This is my Denny’s story about our Christmas Dinner at Denny’s.  We went to Denny’s in Glen Carbon for our Christmas dinner.  When we got there our waiter took our drink order right away.  He brought our drinks and took our order.  (Note:  The place was almost empty.) We ordered the holiday dinner which was turkey, dressing, mash potatoes and gravy, broccoli, cranberry sauce, and a salad.  We waited about 10 minutes and he brought our salads.  We started to eat them but the salad was disgusting as the lettuce had been frozen.  We waited another 20 minutes and the waiter came by and told us the food was almost ready.  We told him about the salads and he ask if we wanted something else and we told him we didn’t want frozen salad.  We ask for drink refills and he left.  He came back 5 minutes later and dropped off our food.  He left and I noticed we didn’t get the cranberry sauce.  We didn’t get refills and so we ate our whole meal without anything to drink.  We kept watching for him and he finally came back after we finished our meal.  He told us he took of one drink and one salad off our meal because the salad had been frozen.  I told him I wanted a piece of pecan pie and we still hadn’t got our refills.  He left and went and got my pecan pie and our refills.  I ate my pie and then he came back with a updated receipt.  We told him we wanted drinks in to go cups.  He came back about 10 minutes later and gave Kelly a tea and said it was half sweet and half unsweetened.  Kelly told him she did not want half sweet tea.  He said they are out of unsweetened tea so he took the cup back and brought her an empty cup but her glass on the table was empty.

I don’t think we will be eating there anytime soon again.

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