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A Powerful Prayer Of Healing

I want to share an experience I had but I am not going to relate all the details as it was very personal and I really don’t want to share the personal details.

I was going through a very low time in my life as Pastor of my church in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Clyde Martz had become a very close friend and he came to our church under my ministry and I had the opportunity to baptize him and his wife, Eileen.

We were behind his house and I was very deep in depression and I tried to never let anyone see me in this condition but as it happen on this day I was not able to hide it from my good friend Clyde. I began to cry and Clyde gave me a hug and I ask him to pray for me. I had never heard him pray as he never did so publicly but I ask him to pray for me as my spirit was weak. He began to pray and I felt the healing power of God around my soul and it gave me the strength to continue on. This was the lowest time in my life while I was at Baraboo and his prayer gave me the strength I needed and it renewed my spirit. Clyde you helped me more than you will ever know on that day.

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