Church I Pastored In Baraboo, Wisconsin

This is a picture of the church I was Pastor of for over 16 years in Baraboo, Wisconsin. On New Year's eve we for many years had a movie and a dinner and watched the new year come in. I remember one year that was so sweet to me was when we made a big circle around the pews and had a prayer of Thanksgiving for the past year and welcomed in the new year.

Each year it was a blessing as we looked back at what God did the past year and prayed for His blessing for the next year.

The dinners we had in the basement were to die for as it was the best eating this side of the Mississippi River. I am sure it was the best in the whole USA but I don't want to take anything away from those Texan's who know how to cook that southern fried chicken.

I look back fondly at those who I was able to minister to. I want to relay a story that comes to mind. I had this one special lady who prayed for me regular every night and she would always send me notes of encouragement. Sometimes I would find a note of encouragement on the pulpit when I got up there. Never once did she discourage me and even when she disagreed with me she never told me. Sometimes she would make a suggest to me personally but she never said anything if I didn't follow her suggestion. Many times she gave me money for the church above her tithes and offerings and told me to use it for whatever I felt needed it most. She was a real jewel. She has since gone to Heaven but I think of her often.

God uses people to bless others and it is my hope as we start this New Year of 2018 that you will do your best to encourage your Pastor and those in your church. Be a blessing to others and let Jesus be seen in you.

God bless you in 2018.

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