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I Need Your Help

I need you help to understand how my blog is going. Can you put in the comment section the number of times you visit my blog? This is not one of those things that many post on Facebook that says you don't love Jesus if you don't do it or you computer will blow up if you don't reply. If you reply that is fine if you don't... I will unfriend you. (Just kidding) Nothing will happen. It will just help me understand how my blog is working out. If I don't have enough interest I might just quit doing a blog. I really like it but I need to understand if I have anyone who reads it.

I know many of you won't respond and I understand that and don't feel bad. But I do know that some of you can post a simple number between one and five. If you do that is fine if you don't that is fine too. I will just have to find another way to find out how I am doing.

It costs me about $125.00 a year for Hosting and the web address. I don't mind it if I have enough readers. I also am making some plans to make the page better next year if I have enough interest.

Well, what ever you do I want to thank you in advance. For those who are closet readers I say keep on reading and thank you for doing so. For those who are not closet readers, I thank you for reading and showing your interest. Then their are those once in awhile people who drop by to see what stupid thing I am going to complain about or post about. Thank you for dropping by. Last but not least I want to thank my family members for reading my rants and sometimes getting on my case. You are a blessing to me.

Looking forward to next year. Hope you will be here as one of my readers.

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