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Christmas Cards

So did you send out Christmas cards this Christmas? Who did you send them to? Many people have a regular Christmas list that they send to. This year was the first year I have sent out cards in a long time. I don’t have a Christmas list but this year I wanted to send out a few cards. I sent one to each of my siblings and my Dad & Mom. The others that I choose were a few special people. I don’t get very many cards and that is probably because I don’t send very many out.

This year I got a few cards from folks I haven’t heard from in a long time. It was good to touch base with them and I was glad I got a card from them.

I guess if you don’t send cards out you shouldn’t expect to get cards. I usually have not sent out cards because Kelly and I give all the money we would normal use for Christmas cards and give it in an offering we call “Christmas For Christ”. This year we didn’t have a “Christmas For Christ” offering so we sent out a few cards. This was our lowest year for receiving cards. My guess is because we usually don’t send them and those who normal sent us cards didn’t get one so they didn’t send us one this year. I can totally under that. After Christmas we got several cards from folks I sent cards to this year that I normal don’t send to.

Well, I hope you had a wonder Christmas.

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