Sexual Harassment or Assault (Read with open mind)

I am going to dive into a very touchy subject.  If you have strong feelings and might get your feelings hurt please don't read this.

I am going to start off by saying that I feel this is a very serious issue and those who are harassed are not to be taken lightly.  I also feel that the accused should not be tried in the media but in the courts.  To many times a person is convicted without being able to defend himself or herself.  You are innocent until proven guilty or if you admit guilt and confess.

Lately we have had a large number of sexual assault claims.  Some have admitted guilt and have resigned or taken the punishment that was offered to them.  On the other hand their are others who have admitted no guilt and the media has filled their airwaves with their ugly news some of which is fake news.

Some people have been paid to make claims of assault or harassment.  Some have tampered with evidence and expect people to believe their claims.  This is something that really burns me.  If you have proof just present it don't doctor things up so it looks better for you.

I have seen several who have come forward after 40 or more years and make claims that something happened.  People lives have been ruined because the accuser can't remember all the facts because it has been so long and they destroy the persons life. If a person has a lifetime of incidents I can understand it but when someone makes an accusation that is over 40 years and the person has not had continued incidents throughout his life these ought not be considered to destroy his life.

I feel if anyone makes a false claim or doctors evidence they ought to be punished at the same level as an abuser.  When they make these false claims they only make it harder for the real victims.

In recent days we have seen the number of accusations skyrocket and it seems to be the thing to do. Find someone and accuse them and whether it happened or not if you get enough press you will be believed. It shouldn't be who gets the most press but who is telling the truth.

In watching all the stories coming out you could see a pattern in some of the peoples lives.  This was an on going event in their life.  Many others I saw were accused and they didn't know the person accusing them.  They didn't take it to court they just tried it in the media.  Some of them backed off not because they were guilty but for the sake of their families.  Many of these were very old incidents  that had occurred many years ago and the accusers didn't have their facts right and were just looking for a quick buck.

Those who have truly been assaulted should have their day in court and their accusers should be punished but this problem has gotten out of hand.

Well, I have had my say.  I hope I hear from some of my readers.  Those who were brave enough to read the entire blog.

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