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A Quick Update

As you know I am a preacher with over 33 years in the ministry. I have experienced many things but something I experienced the other day I must share. As many of you know I retired and at this time am not Pastoring or preaching. (Not that I wouldn't like to be.) I was at a dinner where there were preachers, priests, laymen, and many other type of Christian workers. Most of those I talked to where in some type of ministry and when I told them I was retired they put me down. By that they in so many words insulted me because I wasn’t working as a full time Pastor or preacher. This was very disappointing to me as I have spent the past 33 years serving the Lord full time, sometimes not getting paid because finances were low and other times I worked a second job as to not put financial strain on the ministry. Pray for me that I forgive them for their hurtful attack on me.

Some time ago my wife and I were stressed out and I decided I was taking her out for a special dinner. (To be honest with you we really didn't have the money to do it but I felt we needed to do it to ease the stress we were going through.) While we were eating we saw some special friends. They greeted us and then left to go home. All of a sudden they came back. They gave me some money and told us to have our dinner on them. What they gave us covered our meal and the tip. I have to tell you that this meant more to me than anything I can express. It made me feel like the 33 years I have spent in the ministry were worth something. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make someone feel like they were special. That night Kelly and I felt very special.

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