Why Can't I Sleep At Night?

When you can't sleep at night, don't count sheep, talk to the shepherd.  I think sometimes when I can't sleep at night that counting sheep doesn't work but when I talk to the shepherd it helps.  Usually I find that I need to talk to God and so I pray.  Sometimes I pray for all my friends and sometimes God puts a name in my mind.  About a couple of weeks ago I couldn't sleep and I was awaken out of a dream and in the dream was a person named Brian Matthew.  He was in serious trouble and was asking for my help.  When I woke up I began to pray for him.  I don't know who he is or what was wrong.  I spent a great deal of time praying for him.  I don't know who is was or what was wrong but I prayed God's power down and I am sure God heard my prayer.

On other occasions when I can sleep I also imagine myself in my pulpit at Pleasant View and I look out and pray for each of those who filled those pews.  Some have gone on to be with the Lord but those who I know are still alive I pray for them.  They know who they are and some have been very good friends to me and some have loved to find ways to hurt me.  I pray for all of them no matter what they did or didn't do.

I find that when I talk to the Lord that I can go back to sleep.  Sometimes it takes longer when I have a large number of things I need to pray about.

BTW I also pray for my brothers and sister and their spouses as well as many of my other relatives.  I am not going to name them all here but each one is special to me.  Some have gone on to Heaven while others have been left to carry on.

If you are on my friends' list on Facebook I have prayed for you too.  Some of you get double prayers because you are family, former church members, and or my Facebook friends.

When you think about it would you drop a prayer for me?

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