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What Do You Think About Vacations?

What do you think about vacations?  What I was wondering was what do you think is the right amount of vacation to give a new employee when you start offering them vacation time?

My opinion is that if you keep the employee happy they will probably work better for you if you treat them well.  If you have an employee that you want to keep around it might be a good idea to treat them right.

I can speak for Pastors because I know a little about it.  But I think the same goes for nurses, policemen, firemen, waitresses, waiters, customer service, cashiers, and so on.  I have found that in the field that I have served that many times those who are in control of making recommendations for vacations, benefits, and salary, don't really give a flying flip if they stay very long.  Some think if they treat the Pastor badly he will leave.  So when they treat him badly and he doesn't leave they feel they can treat him anyway they want because it won't matter.  I think Pastor's are the worse paid profession out there but that is because they are treated very badly by some of their members.

When I went into the ministry I didn't go into it for the money.  I was making a very nice salary before I went into the ministry.  I went into the ministry because I wanted to help people and I wanted to be a testimony to the lost.  What I found out is that some take advantage of that and try to use it to their own advantage.

Over the years I had some really good people I enjoyed serving.  But usually the church is going to have a few bad apples.  That is why many pastor's quit the ministry because these bad apples ruin the whole basket when they are not faithful to the church.  The real sad part is that when there are a few bad apples some hesitate to get rid of the bad apples before they ruin the whole basket.  It is better to take the apples out of the basket before they ruin all the other apples.  (This is a matter of speaking, I hope you understand what I am saying)  The apples are just an illustration.

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